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The parents of the 16-year-old Missouri girl who was viciously beaten and left convulsing on the pavement last week said they “remain hopeful” for a full recovery and thanked the public for the outpouring of support.

Kaylee Gain is still in critical condition and possibly suffering brain damage after her head was smashed into concrete during the sickening, caught-on-camera brawl near Hazelwood East High School on Friday.

The disturbing clip shows Gain and another girl, who has not been identified, hitting each other before the girl shoved Gain to the ground and started pummeling her.

The girl repeatedly called Gain a “bitch” before smashing her head into the ground several times.

Gain was eventually left twitching on the pavement while the brawl continued around her.

The other girl, who is believed to be 15 years old, was later taken into custody.

Should the teen who hit Kaylee be charged or is this a case of mutual combat that simply went wrong?

Was this a case of Mutual Combat?

  • Yes

  • No

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