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Astrology Influencer's Fears Lead to Horrific Killing Spree

Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson and BoyfriendJaelen Chaney
Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson and BoyfriendJaelen Chaney

In a shocking turn of events, Danielle Johnson, a 34-year-old astrology influencer, plunged into a violent rampage in Los Angeles on April 8, coinciding with a total solar eclipse. Johnson, known as "Ayoka" on social media with over 100,000 followers, had been expressing alarming beliefs about the eclipse being a manifestation of spiritual warfare, sparking concerns among her audience.

The tragic night began with a verbal altercation between Johnson and her partner, Jaelen Chaney, which escalated into violence as she fatally stabbed Chaney at their residence on Variel Avenue. In a harrowing twist, she then fled the scene in a Porsche SUV with her two young children, aged nine and eight months.

Driving recklessly on the 405 Freeway near Howard Hughes Parkway, Johnson callously tossed her children from the moving vehicle. The nine-year-old miraculously survived the fall but the eight-month-old tragically succumbed to injuries after being struck by oncoming traffic. Johnson, in a frenzied state, accelerated to dangerous speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour before crashing the vehicle into a tree in Redondo Beach.


The aftermath revealed a gruesome scene as Chaney's lifeless body was discovered by neighbors in their shared home. Shocked by the trail of blood leading to the apartment, the neighbor recounted the unsettling moment when the extent of the tragedy became apparent.

As investigations unfold, authorities grapple with unraveling the motives behind Johnson's heinous actions. While her social media presence hinted at apocalyptic prophecies and incendiary rhetoric, the true catalyst remains elusive. LAPD investigators delve into the depths of this chilling episode, highlighting the complexities of human behavior and the devastation wrought by fear and uncertainty.

The lone survivor, a nine-year-old child, bears witness to the unfathomable horror left in the wake of their mother's unforgivable rampage. Amidst the grief and shock that engulf the community, questions linger about the darkness that enveloped one fateful night, forever altering the lives of those involved.


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