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Breaking News: Woman Serving Life for Wife's Murder Found Guilty in Decade-Old Cold Case

In a shocking turn of events, Joyce Marie Pelzer, currently serving a life sentence for killing her wife, has now been convicted of the 2011 kidnapping and murder of her ex-girlfriend, Shawndell McLeod. The case remained unsolved for over seven years until new evidence emerged, leading to Pelzer's recent conviction.

It was revealed that Pelzer's wife, Rosalyn Lewis, played a significant role in assisting her in the deadly scheme. Lewis had allegedly helped Pelzer hire a hitman to abduct McLeod, who had recently escaped an abusive relationship with Pelzer. Tragically, McLeod's disappearance went unnoticed for years until authorities made a breakthrough with the help of Pelzer's then-girlfriend.

According to the girlfriend's statement, Pelzer admitted to planning McLeod's murder for several months. The couple and the hired hitman held McLeod captive before ultimately ending her life. The exact details of her tragic death have not been disclosed.

In a devastating turn, Lewis met her own demise at the hands of Pelzer in December 2018. Lewis, who had filed for divorce, was fatally stabbed multiple times. Pelzer was apprehended in a tense stand-off with Georgia State Patrol troopers, during which she aimed a gun at them and was shot in response.

During her subsequent interview with investigators, Pelzer claimed that Lewis orchestrated McLeod's killing. She divulged information about burying McLeod on Arabia Mountain, but her remains have never been found.

In January 2021, Pelzer pleaded guilty to charges related to Lewis' murder, leading to a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

This chilling case serves as a reminder of the significance of justice and the diligent work by law enforcement and prosecutors. Our thoughts go out to the victims' families and friends who have endured unimaginable pain.

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