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Brutal Assault on Chipotle Worker Over Extra Chicken Sparks Outrage

A Chipotle worker was viciously beaten by two customers after informing them of an extra charge for chicken. The incident took place at an Indian Land Chipotle and has led to charges against the attackers. The article covers the details of the assault, the identification of the suspects, and the call for justice.

In a shocking and disturbing incident, a Chipotle worker was subjected to a brutal assault by two unruly customers over a dispute about extra chicken. The incident occurred at an Indian Land Chipotle, where the suspects, Jamel Bernard Williams and Kayla Nicole Pyle, launched a violent attack on the employee.

According to reports, the argument began when Pyle was informed by the 20-year-old employee that extra chicken would come at an additional cost. This simple disagreement quickly escalated into a physical altercation as the worker attempted to leave her shift early. Williams, described as a hulking figure, entered the restaurant from a side entrance and unleashed a violent assault on the defenseless employee, while Pyle allegedly struck her in the head.

Disturbing footage captured the horrifying moments as customers pleaded for the attack to stop. The Chipotle worker suffered injuries and sought treatment independently, but the full extent of her injuries remains unknown.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, swiftly identified the suspects, and arrest warrants have been issued for Williams and Pyle. Williams faces a charge of Assault and Battery in the 1st Degree, while Pyle faces a charge of Assault and Battery in the 2nd Degree.

Sheriff Barry Faile expressed his shock at the incident, emphasizing that the assault was completely unjustified. He called for the suspects to turn themselves in and allow the justice system to run its course.

The incident has sparked outrage within the community, highlighting the need for better protection of workers in the service industry. Such acts of violence should never be tolerated, and it is crucial that individuals who perpetrate such heinous crimes face the full consequences of their actions.

As the investigation continues, it is imperative that justice prevails and the victim receives the support and assistance she deserves.


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