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Crime Shakes Florida Community as Pastor and Newlywed Wife Are Brutally Gunned Down by Ex-Husband

A shocking incident in West Palm Beach, Florida has left a community in mourning as a pastor and his new wife were senselessly shot dead by the bride's ex-husband. The tragic event occurred just a week after the couple had tied the knot. The suspect, Sony Josaphat, had recently finalized his divorce with the victim and had allegedly been harboring resentment towards her.

Kerlande Williams and Marcelline Racine were in the process of installing surveillance cameras in front of their home when Josaphat arrived and unleashed a hail of bullets, killing them both. Witnesses reported seeing him park across the street, greet the couple, and then proceed to open fire. The victims' bodies were left on the sidewalk as Josaphat fled the scene.

Racine's three children, including her adult daughter who witnessed the double-murder, were present during this heinous act. Josaphat, accompanied by his own adult daughter, turned himself in to the police soon after.

The motive for this brutal crime appears to be rooted in Josaphat's anger and feelings of betrayal, as he claimed that Racine had been disrespectful and had ignored his calls. The couple's decision to install security cameras remains uncertain as to whether it was directly related to this specific threat.

Racine's sister described her as being incredibly happy since her wedding day, looking forward to starting a new life with Williams, who served as a pastor in their local church.

Josaphat is currently in custody and is facing two counts of first-degree murder. He admitted to the slayings, expressing remorse for his actions.

This tragedy serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that can arise from tumultuous relationships and the importance of staying vigilant to ensure personal safety. The community now mourns the loss of two innocent lives and seeks justice for this heinous crime.


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