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Discovery: Missing Teen Found Dead on Hiking Trail, Murdered by Girlfriend

 The shocking case of a missing teenager, whose lifeless body was found on a hiking trail in Houston, has taken a dark turn. Police have revealed that the victim, Tierra Horn, was allegedly strangled by her girlfriend, Shania Laneice Turner. This disturbing incident highlights the tragic consequences of a toxic relationship and serves as a somber reminder of the dangers lurking within seemingly ordinary lives.

Houston Police announced the disappearance of Tierra Horn after she was last seen on January 2nd. Concerned family members reported her missing two days later. The heart-wrenching discovery came when Horn's lifeless body was found on a hiking trail near Buffalo Bayou in downtown Houston.

The victim's sisters, Rokeisha Calton and Skinesha Granville, provided harrowing details of the abusive relationship between Turner and Horn. Granville revealed that Turner had physically assaulted her sister on multiple occasions. The motive behind the alleged murder appears to be an argument regarding a sexually transmitted disease, leading to a violent confrontation.


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