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Disturbing Incident: High Point Pastor Arrested for Assault in McDonald’s

A shocking incident unfolded in High Point, North Carolina, as a pastor from the Elevated Life International Ministries was apprehended for allegedly assaulting his wife's co-worker at a McDonald's. The altercation reportedly turned violent, leaving the victim with injuries and leading to the pastor's arrest.

In the evening of December 28, High Point Police received a distressing call from a woman who was training to become a manager at a McDonald's branch on S. Main Street. Employees allegedly disrespected her, prompting her to call her husband, 57-year-old Dwayne Waden, for support.

Eyewitnesses at the scene testified that Waden forcefully grabbed the victim's neck before attempting to push the individual's head into a deep fryer. Meanwhile, the victim also endured multiple blows to the face by Waden, who purportedly ceased the assault only when other employees managed to intervene. As a result, the victim sustained severe injuries to their forehead, right eye, and neck.

Though emergency services were called, the victim was taken to the hospital by family members instead. Upon reviewing surveillance footage, the police arrested Waden on charges of assault and battery. He was subsequently transported to police headquarters, where he posted a $1,000 bond. Waden is scheduled to appear in court on January 22.

This appalling incident raises concerns about violence and excessive anger within religious communities. Hopefully, this incident will serve as a reminder for everyone to practice restraint and non-violence, even in the face of provocation.


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