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Florida Teen Claims 'Betrayed and Upset' Father Who Wrote Her Incestuous Love Letter Shot at 'Head Level' Through Bathroom Door She Hid Behind

A horrifying incident unfolded in Florida as a father allegedly went on a shooting spree, targeting his own daughter, mother, and others after his family rejected his desire for a romantic relationship with his teenage daughter. The accused, Michael Banks, expressed his intentions for his daughter through a disturbing love letter. Uncovering this alarming revelation, the family had discussions about evicting Banks from their home, resulting in feelings of betrayal and anger.

According to court documents, the violence erupted on January 17th when Banks shot his mother and her friend while they were discussing his inappropriate intentions. Banks then proceeded to fire at his daughter, who sought refuge behind a closed bathroom door. Tragically, the shot passed through the door at head level. Miraculously, the daughter managed to escape, and the police were called to the scene.

Upon their arrival, officers found the victims with gunshot wounds. Banks, armed and dangerous, fired shots at the police. In response, law enforcement returned fire, but fortunately, no one was injured, and Banks surrendered shortly after. Subsequently, he was arrested and faces multiple charges, including first-degree murder, attempted murder, and illegal possession of a firearm.

This shocking incident serves as a tragic reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for our loved ones. Measures must be taken to ensure the well-being of individuals who may be vulnerable to abuse and exploitation within their own families.


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