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Grandma of Georgia High School Football Player Shot Dead Says He Signaled Something Was Wrong Befor

The grandmother of Brandon Smith, a high school football player who was tragically shot and killed, reveals her heartbreak and her suspicion that something was troubling him before the incident. Despite not knowing the exact cause of his distress, she insists that her grandson was a good-hearted and caring individual, always looking out for his siblings and neighbors. As the investigation into his murder continues, the grieving family finds solace in the support shown by the community and Brandon's teammates, who honored him during their championship game.

In a devastating turn of events, Maxine Smith, 51, lost her grandson, Brandon Smith, who was found shot to death just a mile away from the Manchester Police Department in Georgia. Maxine, who had raised Brandon since he was a baby, knew instinctively that something was amiss in their last interaction. She talks about the look Brandon gave her, as if he wanted to share something but couldn't find the words.

Brandon, a promising 17-year-old football player, had a routine of going to bed early, and on that fateful night, he bid goodnight to his family and retired to his room. The following morning, Maxine discovered he had snuck out during the night when she went to wake him for school. Heartbroken, she believes that her grandson's killer must have been someone who knew him well.

As authorities from the Manchester Police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations continue to search for answers, Maxine Smith emphasizes that her grandson was a kind-hearted individual who had dreams of taking care of his loved ones. His teammates paid tribute to him during their championship game, carrying his jersey with his number 52.

The loss of Brandon has deeply affected his three siblings, particularly his sister Janiyah, as the close-knit family mourns his untimely death. Maxine wants the world to remember Brandon for his goodness and the positive impact he had on others, highlighting his willingness to lend a helping hand to his neighbors and engage in sports with the local children.

As the investigation unfolds, the community stands beside the grieving family, hoping for justice and closure. Maxine Smith prays for her grandson's memory to shine through, urging the world to recognize him for the exceptional person he was – a young man dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.


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