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Homeless Man Allegedly Holds Atlanta News Crew Hostage, Threatens to Shoot Them

A homeless man in Atlanta, Georgia, has been charged with making terroristic threats after reportedly holding two TV station journalists hostage for 90 minutes. The man, identified as Brandon Logan, allegedly threatened to shoot the reporters if they called the police or refused to order him food. Despite the journalists' efforts to alert authorities, it took over an hour and a half for the police to respond and apprehend the suspect, prompting outrage from the news station.

During the ordeal, the victims felt trapped as Logan continuously made verbal threats and behaved in a way that suggested he was armed. The journalist managed to send discreet text messages to their newsroom, expressing their fear and urgent need for help. The newsroom first contacted the local sheriff's office and then dialed emergency services when no assistance arrived.

Shocking details emerged when the police officer returned the newsroom's call but mistakenly reported contact with a man and a woman, not realizing the entire crew consisted of women. Realizing the gravity of the situation, three colleagues from the news station rushed to the scene, eventually flagging down a police car.

The delayed response from law enforcement has raised questions about the breakdown in communication and the length of time it took to free the hostages. The news station is demanding answers from the relevant authorities regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident and the delay in rescuing their colleagues.

Brandon Logan has been charged with several offenses, including terroristic threats, false imprisonment, and obstructing emergency phone calls. The investigation is ongoing, and the news station seeks accountability from the Clayton County Sheriff's Office, Jonesboro Police Department, and Atlanta Police Department for the delayed response.


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