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Innocence Lost: 6-Month-Old Infant Shot in Tragic Incident

A heart-wrenching incident leaves a nearly six-month-old baby girl fighting for her life after being intentionally shot in the head by her own grandmother. As the family grapples with shock and disbelief, the community rallies together, hoping for the baby's miraculous recovery.

In a horrifying turn of events early Saturday morning, the baby's paternal grandmother, Mia Harris, allegedly committed this heinous act inside an apartment on Dutchview Court in Liberty Township. The baby's mother, desperately distressed, made a frantic call to emergency services, pleading for immediate help.

Court documents reveal that Harris fired multiple shots through a locked bedroom door before gaining access. In a disturbing escalation, she then attempted to shoot another family member but missed, ultimately targeting the helpless infant while she lay on the bed.

The motive behind Harris's actions remains unclear, but the baby's mother believes it stemmed from anger and emotional instability. The shock and sorrow that have engulfed the family are undeniable, as they grapple with the unthinkable.

As the injured infant fights for her life at Children's Hospital, the community rallies together, united in prayer and support for her recovery. The extent of her injuries and the long road ahead are yet to be determined.

Mia Harris now faces three counts of felonious assault, though these charges may change as the case moves forward. Her bond has been set at a staggering $1.5 million.

In this heart-wrenching tragedy, it is paramount that we come together as a community to offer solace, support, and prayers for the innocent baby girl battling for her life. May justice be served, and may healing and strength envelop this family in their time of immense suffering.


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Omg. This is truly the definition of heartbreaking. Your own mom shooting your baby. Her grandbaby in the head. I can’t even begin to put together a sentence. It’s extremely tragic.

Dec 12, 2023
Replying to

Yeah this is definitely heartbreaking 😔

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