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Man Allegedly Drives Over Ex-Girlfriend's Head in Gas Station Parking Lot Following Rumors

In a disturbing incident, Cody Fertig of Wyoming reportedly ran over his ex-girlfriend's head with his car, claiming that he was fueled by anger due to rumors she had spread that made it difficult for him to date other women. Fertig now faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault and property destruction. The incident took place at a gas station in Cheyenne, where an argument between the two quickly turned violent.

The altercation attracted the attention of witnesses, who saw Fertig allegedly display a firearm and then push his ex-girlfriend to the ground. He proceeded to assault her physically before turning his rage towards a 25-year-old woman who was present in the area. Using an ice scraper, he struck her repeatedly and caused damage to her vehicle.

According to witnesses and surveillance footage, Fertig's ex-girlfriend, despite being seriously injured and lying on the ground, confronted him as he attempted to leave in his vehicle. In a horrifying turn of events, he reversed his car, ran over her body and head, and fled the scene.

Although the ex-girlfriend miraculously survived, she sustained severe injuries. Fertig was arrested the following day at a grocery store after attempting to evade police. During questioning, he admitted to his anger towards his ex-girlfriend and claimed to have "blacked out" during the incident.

If convicted, Fertig could face decades in prison for his crimes. This disturbing case serves as a reminder of the consequences of acting on impulse and resorting to violence to resolve personal issues. The victim's strength and resilience in the face of such brutality deserve recognition and support.


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