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Man’s Skull and Spine Found in a Bin at Medical Examiner’s Office Nearly 20 Years Later

Cedric McFadden
Cedric McFadden

In a disturbing turn of events, the family of Cedric McFadden, a man murdered nearly two decades ago in Florida, received a chilling call from the medical examiner's office revealing that only a portion of his remains had been buried. Cedric McFadden, 24 at the time of his death, was fatally shot by David Lee during a robbery near Ocala. After his body was recovered from a pond and an autopsy was conducted by the medical examiner's office, McFadden's badly decomposed body was released to a funeral home for burial.

However, unbeknownst to the family, not all of McFadden's remains were laid to rest. In a startling revelation, the medical examiner's office contacted the family to disclose that his skull and part of his spine had been found in a bin at the Lake County Medical Examiner building. The discovery was made nearly two decades after McFadden's murder, leading to profound shock and anguish for his loved ones.

Attorney Ortavia Simon, representing the family, has filed an intent to sue the medical examiner's office, citing a failure to provide basic care for McFadden's remains and negligence in maintaining his body intact. The family was further distressed by the lack of proper records and adherence to state policies and procedures in handling McFadden's remains. Simon described the incident as a "travesty" and highlighted the unprecedented nature of the case in mortuary litigation.

The circumstances surrounding the discovery of McFadden's partial remains remain unclear. The Lake County Medical Examiner's office, which had not yet provided services for Marion County at the time of McFadden's death, referred inquiries to Marion County Attorney Matthew Minter, who was unavailable for comment.

Overcome with grief and disbelief, McFadden's family held a second funeral to inter his recovered skull and spine in a box next to his casket. Facing the ordeal of revisiting the traumatic loss of their beloved Cedric, the family expressed deep distress at reliving the pain of his murder and burial.

The shocking revelation of the mishandling of Cedric McFadden's remains has plunged his family into a new wave of sorrow and uncertainty as they seek answers, justice, and closure. As they navigate this distressing journey, the family calls for support and understanding in their quest for accountability and healing in the aftermath of this unimaginable betrayal of trust.

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