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Maryland Man Shoots and Kills Roommate in Remote Control Dispute: Tragic Incident Unfolds

 A shocking incident has unfolded in Springdale, Maryland, where a 27-year-old man lost his life over a dispute concerning the location of a remote control. The suspect, Richard Bennaugh, 38, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter. This article delves into the details of the tragic event and the preliminary investigation.

In a horrific turn of events, Domonique Scott Hayes was fatally shot inside his home after a heated argument with his roommate, Richard Bennaugh, escalated. Prince George's County Police responded to the scene promptly, discovering the victim suffering from gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, the medical responders were unable to save his life, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to documents obtained by FOX 5 DC, Bennaugh phoned the police approximately six hours after the incident, claiming that his roommate had attacked him with knives. He stated that Scott Hayes had been continuously asking about the whereabouts of the remote control while making noise in the kitchen. Bennaugh admitted to ignoring the questioning, which allegedly led to the escalation of the altercation.

Bennaugh went on to describe the terrifying moment when he discovered Scott Hayes holding two knives, prompting him to retrieve his handgun and open fire before retreating to his room on the third floor. Astonishingly, the suspect claimed that he had not observed any injuries on Scott Hayes, assuming that none of his shots had hit him, and went back to sleep.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of how seemingly mundane disagreements can quickly spiral into deadly conflicts. The court proceedings will shed more light on the circumstances surrounding this altercation, offering closure to the victim's family and friends.

Authorities will leave no stone unturned in their investigation, seeking justice for the loss of a young life in such an incredibly senseless and avoidable tragedy.


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