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Missing Fort Bend County Teen Believed to be With Boyfriend, Who is Also Missing, Rosenberg Police Say

The disappearance of Kiersten McWilliams, a 16-year-old Fort Bend County girl, has left her desperate mother seeking answers. Three weeks have passed since Rayna Glass last saw her daughter, who she believes is in grave danger. The unsettling incident occurred on December 15 when Kiersten left for school and turned off location sharing on her iPhone. Concerned by this, Rayna immediately started calling everyone she knew to locate her daughter. Despite their tireless efforts, Rayna and her family have received little assistance from authorities, having resorted to putting up flyers and making social media posts themselves.

The Rosenberg Police Department has identified Jacob Warren as Kiersten's boyfriend and is actively searching for both individuals. Rayna expressed her fear, emphasizing that Kiersten possesses no means of transportation, money, or identification. In an emotional plea, she urged her daughter to come home assuring her that together they can resolve any issues.

While official reports suggest Kiersten left voluntarily, Rayna insists that this behavior is completely out of character for her daughter. The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office has labeled Kiersten a runaway, but the details of the case have been withheld to protect her privacy and safety.

As Fort Bend County anxiously awaits Kiersten's return, the community hopes for her safe and swift return, enabling her concerned mother to find solace in her daughter's embrace once again.


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