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Mississippi Officers Disturbed by Brutal Beating of 1-Year-Old Couldn't Even Face Their Chief

In a harrowing incident that shook the community, 1-year-old Prodigy Hunter was rushed to the University of Mississippi Medical Center on December 21, 2023, with a massive amount of trauma resulting from brutal beatings. The police officers who responded to the call were left disturbed and speechless, unable to meet their chief's gaze as they described the horrifying scene.

Police Chief Joseph Wade revealed his officers' emotional turmoil during a press conference following the incident. "The officer couldn't even look me in the face while he was describing what this child looked like," Wade stated, emphasizing the depth of the child's injuries. The officers were horrified to find that there was hardly an area on Prodigy's body that wasn't bruised.

Neighbors called 911 after Prodigy's mother arrived at their doorstep, holding her limp and unresponsive child. Tragically, Prodigy was declared dead shortly after his arrival at the hospital. His mother, 29-year-old Yolanda Nicole Hunter, was initially arrested for felony child abuse but was released on bail.

The investigation has since intensified, with Hunter and her boyfriend, Herman Coleman (also known as Herman Gardner), becoming the primary focus. Both individuals now face charges related to Prodigy's murder. Police have discovered that multiple other children were present at the apartment where the brutal beating occurred.

Chief Wade failed to speculate on the possible motives behind this act of extreme violence. As the search for justice continues, the community is left grappling with the disturbing reality that a defenseless child fell victim to a horrific crime. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to protect the most vulnerable members of society and ensure that those responsible for such atrocities face the full weight of the law.


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