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Mississippi Woman Latasha Crump Coleman Has Been Missing for Months. Her Friend Says Carlee Russell

The mysterious disappearance of Latasha Crump Coleman, a Mississippi correctional officer, has been overshadowed by a kidnapping hoax orchestrated by Carlee Russell. This article delves into the case, highlighting the suspicions surrounding Coleman's disappearance and the impact of Russell's false claims.

In July, Latasha Crump Coleman failed to show up for work, alarming her family and prompting them to report her missing. Cedric Crump, her brother and the last person to speak to her, noticed the presence of another person during their conversation, raising concerns. Additionally, Coleman left her Apple Watch behind, which was uncharacteristic of her. Yet, despite these signs, there have been no arrests made in connection with her disappearance.

While investigating Coleman's case, the attention shifted to Carlee Russell, who had faked her own kidnapping. Russell, a nursing student, falsely reported seeing a boy wandering alone on the side of a highway, leading to her arrest. Two days later, she returned home and claimed to have been kidnapped. However, it was later revealed that she had lied about both incidents.

Unfortunately, this turn of events diverted public focus away from Coleman's case. Candace Wright, a friend of Coleman's, expressed her frustration, stating that Russell's disappearance overshadowed the search for Coleman.

As the search continues, suspicions have been raised regarding Coleman's husband, Derrick Coleman, due to domestic violence allegations. The case remains open, and the family is desperately seeking answers about the whereabouts of their loved one.

It is crucial to remember that each missing person's case deserves equal attention and resources. Let us not allow distractions to derail the search for those who are truly lost.


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