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Mother Upset After Teacher Combs Out Daughter's Locs Without Permission

4-year-old daughter’s locs being combed out without consent by her teacher
4-year-old daughter’s locs being combed out without consent by her teacher

In a heart-wrenching incident in Georgia, a mother, Micaela Varlack, expresses her distress over her 4-year-old daughter’s locs being combed out without consent by her teacher. Varlack had lovingly embarked on the journey of hairlocking with her daughter, Londyn, only to have it abruptly altered by the teacher at Childcare Network in Columbus.

The emotional turmoil of having her daughter’s hair manipulated without authorization is evident in Varlack’s poignant account of the incident. Varlack shared that she had taken Londyn for a specialized hair service, investing $150 in April to start her locs, only to discover just three weeks later that her daughter’s hair had been completely changed without permission. The teacher reportedly removed 32 locs and braided Londyn's hair, causing not just emotional distress to the mother but potentially leading to scalp irritation for the child.

Victoria Sunmola, an expert in loc styling, condemned the teacher's actions, highlighting the disrespect shown by not seeking parental consent and how the situation could have been avoided if the teacher had communicated with Varlack beforehand. The potential harm caused to Londyn's scalp due to the sudden manipulation of her hair further emphasized the importance of consulting parents before making such decisions.

Varlack's request for a refund for the money spent on Londyn’s hair service was initially denied by the school. However, following the incident, the Childcare Network corporate office issued a statement expressing regret for the upsetting situation and offered reimbursement to the family. The statement emphasized the school's commitment to the well-being of the children and families under their care.

As the community rallies around Varlack in support, it becomes clear that the sanctity of personal choices and parental consent must be respected, especially when it comes to matters as intimate as a child’s hair. This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the need for empathy, communication, and accountability in childcare settings to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the children entrusted to their care.

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