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Near-Death, Malnourished Texas Toddler Found with Ankles Duct-Taped to Keep Her Out of Fridge: Shocking Court Revelations

 A disturbing incident recently unfolded in Houston, Texas, where maintenance workers stumbled upon a near-death, malnourished 2-year-old girl with her ankles tightly duct-taped. This shocking discovery has shed light on an unimaginable case of child abuse and neglect. The toddler, who was experiencing brain bleeds, anemia, and kidney failure at the time, was on the brink of losing her life.

According to local news outlet KTRK-TV, the workers found the helpless girl on November 28 while fixing a dishwasher. The authorities were immediately called to the scene. Furthermore, court documents reveal that had the child endured another night in such dire conditions, she might not have survived.

The gravity of this incident became even more distressing with the arrest of three individuals involved. Kenry Joseph Flukers, Toniesha Deshae Perkins, and Mya Jhari Breaux-McGruder are now facing charges of injury to a child by omission and unlawful restraint. Moreover, it was reported that there were five other children present in the house at the time.

While Perkins claimed that one of the other children had duct-taped the toddler's ankles, Flukers told investigators that Perkins herself would use this cruel method to keep her away from the fridge, trash, and pantry. Breaux-McGruder, who also lived with the couple, has an unclear relation to the others.

This disturbing case highlights the urgent need for increased awareness and intervention in child abuse situations. The well-being and safety of vulnerable young children should always be our top priority.


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