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Shocking Footage of Kentucky Police Assaulting Unsuspecting Pedestrians with Slushies in Low-Income Areas! (Glee-style Pranks Gone Wrong)

In the video, former officers Curtis Flynn and Bryan Wilson are caught on tape driving around in their uniforms, throwing large slushies at unsuspecting individuals in low-income neighborhoods. With a total of 24 unique incidents between 2018 and 2019, this scandal, locally known as "Slushygate," has shocked the community.

Watch as the officers approach their victims, taunting them with inappropriate comments, and then drenching them with icy beverages. The victims, clearly taken by surprise, are left stunned and sometimes even knocked to the ground by the assault. It is truly unfathomable how officers sworn to protect and serve could engage in such egregious behavior.

The footage, obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request, offers a glimpse into the officers' disturbing actions behind the scenes. Not only did they film their actions and share the videos among their colleagues, but they also took pleasure in showing them during their breaks. The lack of accountability within the department is disheartening, as multiple officers involved were only temporarily suspended or faced minimal consequences.

Both Flynn and Wilson ultimately pleaded guilty to civil rights violations, leading to their respective sentences. Despite the perpetrators being held accountable, questions about the lack of immediate action and knowledge among fellow officers remain.

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