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Shocking Incident: Nine-Year-Old Sends Dad to Prison After Capturing Brutal Beating on Video

In a disturbing case in California, a husband has been sentenced to four years in prison after his nine-year-old child recorded a six-minute bloody beating of his wife. Miguel Lazaro-Castillo, 38, pleaded no contest to felony domestic violence, false imprisonment, and misdemeanor child abuse. The incident took place in October when one of the children made a harrowing 911 call, leading deputies to arrive at the scene and find Lazaro-Castillo on top of his wife, who was lying on the floor amidst blood-soaked napkins. The video recording, captured by their youngest child, showed the extent of the assault, with repeated blows to the face and head. Lazaro-Castillo's brutal actions were carried out in the presence of their three children, aged 9, 14, and 15. Despite the lack of a prior criminal record, Lazaro-Castillo received the maximum sentence due to the severity of his actions and complete disregard for the well-being of his children.


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