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Teen Charged With Homicide, Mom and Boyfriend Arrested After California Family of Four Found Dead

 In a shocking and disturbing crime, a 17-year-old boy, along with his mother and her boyfriend, has been arrested following the discovery of a family of four found dead in their home near Fresno, California. The teen has been charged with four counts of homicide, while his mother and her boyfriend face charges of accessory. The victims, Guadalupe “Kiki” Bonds, Billy Bonds, Darrell Bonds, and Matthew Bonds, all suffered substantial violent injuries. The motive for the crime seems to be related to stolen items from the victims' home, which were found in the possession of the suspects. This tragic and heinous act has left the community in shock, as the victims were well-known and loved within their community and church. The investigation is ongoing, with authorities looking into possible accomplices and impounding vehicles for further evidence. As the community mourns the loss of their beloved Kiki, friends have established a GoFundMe page to remember her as an extremely helpful, compassionate, and selfless individual whose presence will be greatly missed.

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