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The Mysterious Disappearance of Rebecca Shanice Beamer-Hicks

Victim and the person to last  see Rebecca
Rebecca Shanice Beamer-Hicks and Boyfriend

Rebecca Shanice Beamer-Hicks, fondly known as "Little Becky," went missing under mysterious circumstances at the Harrisburg riverfront, sparking a tumultuous search and stirring emotions within her community. As details emerged, a troubling narrative unfolded, leaving family and friends in limbo, yearning for answers to the baffling questions surrounding her fate.

On a fateful night with her boyfriend, Beamer vanished without a trace, prompting a frenzied search by authorities and loved ones. Conflicting reports emerged, with her boyfriend claiming she entered the river voluntarily, a claim met with skepticism by many who knew her best. The murky waters of the Susquehanna River hampered search efforts, adding to the anguish of those desperately seeking closure.


As days turned into weeks, Beamer's family grappled with the uncertainty, clinging to treasured memories of the vibrant soul they described as a caring, loving, free-spirited individual. Her connection to her community ran deep, with her radiant presence leaving a lasting impact on those around her.

Tragically, Beamer's past struggles with addiction and personal loss added layers of complexity to the investigation, raising concerns about her well-being before her disappearance. The circumstances leading up to that fateful night remained shrouded in mystery, fueling speculation and rumors that clouded the search for truth.


Against this backdrop of sorrow and uncertainty, family and friends rallied, determined to keep Beamer's story alive and demand justice for her. Their unwavering commitment to finding answers underscored the depth of their love for "Little Becky" and the profound impact of her absence on their lives.

Join us on a journey to unravel the enigma of Rebecca Shanice Beamer-Hicks' disappearance—a story marked by resilience, love, and an unyielding quest for closure in the face of adversity. Let us honor her memory and stand in solidarity with her family as they navigate the turbulent waters of grief and seek the peace that has eluded them since that fateful night by the river.**


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