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Tortured, Starved, and Beaten to Death by 'Pack of Savages'

The tragic story of Shakira Spencer, a 35-year-old woman from west London, has come to light after her horrifying death at the hands of a group she considered her friends. Ashana Studholme, Lisa Richardson, and Shaun Pendlebury were responsible for the torture, starvation, and eventual brutal murder of Shakira. Neighbors made the grisly discovery when they spotted maggots emerging from under her flat's door.

Shakira's ordeal began a year prior when Studholme befriended her and gradually took control of her life. The once-healthy mother was subjected to a campaign of abuse, treated like a slave by this "pack of feral savages." She was forced to wake up early, complete errands on an empty stomach, and suffered burns, beatings, and confinement in a cupboard.

The trio then moved Shakira's lifeless body to a bunk bed before leaving it for weeks to rot. The cause of death remains undetermined, but a post-mortem examination revealed the horrifying injuries she endured. The court saw images of Shakira's bruised body, blackened eyes, and severe wounds to her head and feet.

Studholme, Richardson, and Pendlebury attempted to cover up their crime, buying cleaning products and returning to the flat days later. Eventually, the decomposition was so severe that they abandoned her to be found.

This shocking case serves as a reminder of the unimaginable cruelty that can exist within human beings. Shakira's tragic story highlights the importance of recognizing the signs of abuse and standing against such abhorrent acts. May her memory inspire us to fight for justice and protection for the vulnerable in our society.


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Dec 14, 2023

We have to be careful who we call our friends and be aware of the people we surround ourselves with because everybody you come in contact with is not your friend and sometimes they mean you no good.



Now this is truly heartbreaking. Look at the change. I'm so upset. Sav. Do you mind if I talk about this today ?


OMFG. I don’t even … going to look this story up right now.

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