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Tragic Incident Reveals Mother Charged with Murder and Child Abuse

 A distressing case in Arizona has shocked the community as a 24-year-old mother is facing charges of second-degree murder and felony child abuse. The mother allegedly left her newborn alone for 37 hours while plying her with NyQuil and melatonin, causing the infant's tragic death. 

In a heartbreaking incident that unfolded in an apartment complex in Phoenix, emergency responders found the unresponsive baby girl lying on a mattress in the living room. Despite their efforts, the infant was declared dead shortly after their arrival. The mother, Sara Lashae Harris, claimed that the baby had been fussy before she put her to bed the previous evening, but further investigation and evidence contradicted her story. 

Surveillance footage revealed that Harris had left her apartment on Friday evening and only returned on Sunday morning, refuting her claims of being at home during that time. Investigators also discovered a bottle of Children's NyQuil and a syringe with red liquid remnants in the kitchen, along with a baby bottle filled with milk containing a pinkish hue and red liquid residue. The autopsy report concluded that the cause of death was chlorpheniramine intoxication, an antihistamine found in NyQuil.

During a subsequent police interview, Harris admitted to leaving her six-week-old infant and 17-month-old toddler unattended for 37 hours. Shockingly, she confessed to administering NyQuil and melatonin to the newborn before leaving them alone. Harris also revealed that she had been out partying, consuming illegal drugs and alcohol during this period.

The consequences of such actions are devastating, highlighting the utmost importance of responsible parenting and safeguarding the welfare of children. As this tragic case unfolds in court, it is a reminder of the gravity of maternal responsibility and the need for accountability in ensuring the safety and well-being of innocent lives.


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