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Trio arrested for abducting 11-year-old Indiana girl found 350 miles away

Two men and a woman from South Dakota were apprehended in Wisconsin after allegedly abducting an 11-year-old girl from Indiana. The multi-state manhunt ended successfully with the safe recovery of the child and the arrest of all suspects.

In a chilling abduction case that spanned over 350 miles, authorities were able to swiftly apprehend the suspects and ensure the safe return of the young victim. Zachary Delozier, Sara Gaudino, and Isaiah Schryvers were taken into custody in the town of Dodgeville after a silver alert was issued following the reported abduction.

Law enforcement agencies from several states worked tirelessly in the pursuit of justice. A massive search effort was initiated, involving helicopters, drones, and the collaboration of various agencies. The suspects managed to elude capture in Indiana and made their way into Illinois before finally being intercepted at a gas station in Barneveld, Wisconsin.

Authorities successfully removed the 11-year-old girl from harm's way and ensured her safety while taking the suspects into custody. The Iowa County Sheriff's Office officially charged them with kidnapping a minor.

The relationship between the suspects and the victim remains unclear at this time. However, the prompt actions of law enforcement and the combined efforts of multiple agencies brought a swift resolution to this terrifying ordeal. The Iowa County Sheriff's Office expressed gratitude towards everyone involved and commended the collaboration and professionalism displayed throughout the operation.

As this investigation continues, the community can take solace in the fact that justice is being served and the young girl has been safely reunited with her family. The diligent work of these dedicated professionals serves as a reminder of the importance of law enforcement collaboration in safeguarding our communities.


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