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Womb Raider Pleads Guilty to Murder for Helping Mother Kill Teen and Steal Unborn Baby

 In a horrifying case that shocked the nation, a Chicago woman, Desiree Figueroa, has pleaded guilty to murder for her involvement in the killing of 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez and the unlawful removal of her unborn baby from her womb. Desiree, 29, has struck a deal with the prosecution to testify against her own mother, Clarisa Figueroa, in exchange for a 30-year prison sentence. Clarisa's trial is scheduled to begin on January 26, where she faces first-degree murder charges.

The gruesome incident took place in April 2019 when Ochoa-Lopez was enticed to the Figueroa family's home under the false pretense of receiving free baby clothes. Desiree lured the unsuspecting victim by showing her a photo album, while Clarisa attacked her from behind, strangling her with a cable. Desiree then played a chilling role in the crime, forcefully removing the baby from Ochoa-Lopez's womb with a butcher knife.

The mother-daughter duo callously disposed of Ochoa-Lopez's body in a garbage can and concocted a lie to pass off the stolen baby as Clarisa's own child. Tragically, Ochoa-Lopez's son, posthumously named Yovani Lopez, suffered severe brain damage and passed away two months later. Detectives investigating her disappearance eventually discovered her body in a trash container near the Figueroas' home.

This disturbing case highlights the depravity and calculated planning involved in acquiring a newborn child by Clarisa Figueroa. The accused had allegedly been deceiving her family about a pregnancy and meticulously prepared for the crime, even going as far as posting ultrasound images and nursery photos on social media. Ochoa-Lopez unwittingly connected with Clarisa on a Facebook page for pregnant women, falling victim to her deadly scheme.

As we await the trial of Clarisa Figueroa, society is left grappling with the horror of this senseless crime. The plea deal struck with Desiree Figueroa ensures that justice will be served, but it will never erase the pain and loss experienced by the victim's family. The case serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of vigilance and caution, even in seemingly innocent online interactions.


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