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12-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Troubled South Buffalo Home

The tragic case of 12-year-old Jaylen Griffin, whose lifeless body was discovered in a South Buffalo residence with a disturbing history of incidents, has brought to light the challenges faced in the local community. Details from Buffalo police records reveal a troubling past at 107 Sheffield Avenue, with over 160 complaints registered since 2007, including reports of domestic violence, fires, mental health crises, and previous discoveries of deceased individuals.

The distressing timeline includes a welfare check in June 2020 leading to the finding of a body on the premises, an arrest following a call in September 2022, and another body discovered in the yard in August 2023. The recent tragic conclusion to the search for Jaylen occurred on April 12, 2023, when he was located deceased in the attic of the same property.


Concerned neighbors, opting not to speak on camera, have observed a revolving door of tenants at the location over the years. One neighbor has commenced legal action against the property owner, a tenant, and Spectrum Health and Human Services for alleged negligence resulting in property damage. The lawsuit implicates Spectrum Health in coordinating the tenancy agreement.

Although Spectrum Health refrains from commenting on the pending litigation, they affirm their collaboration with authorities probing into the circumstances at 107 Sheffield. Inquiries have also been directed towards the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision regarding the property's potential use as a halfway house. While the Department denies any housing contract with the landlord, they acknowledge previous occupancy by individuals under parole.

The landlord, registered as Sunrise West LLC with limited public information and correspondence, is currently under scrutiny. News 4 has reached out for further details and awaits a response. This unsettling sequence of events underscores the urgent need for accountability and measures to prevent recurrence of such tragedies in our neighborhoods.

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