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Felon Who Attacked Judge in Court Appears Before Her Again — This Time in Shackles and a Spit Mask

In a remarkable display of enhanced security measures, Deobra Redden, the Las Vegas felon who brutally assaulted a judge in court, appeared before her again under heavy guard. The court took no chances, dressing Redden in shackles, orange mitts, and a full-face spit hood to ensure the safety of all involved. The extreme precautions were reminiscent of a scene from the movie "The Silence of the Lambs," heightening the seriousness of the situation.

Redden, 30, had initially interrupted his sentencing hearing last week by launching himself over the judge's bench and assaulting her. In a separate hearing on Monday, 62-year-old Judge Mary Kay Holthus proceeded to sentence Redden to 19-to-48 months in prison for a previous baseball bat attack. Despite the shocking attack, Holthus did not allow it to influence her sentencing decision.

Redden, who has an extensive criminal record, did not speak during the hearing. He is scheduled to face charges related to the assault on Holthus in front of a different judge on Tuesday. His attack last week occurred as he desperately begged the judge not to give him prison time, claiming he was striving to do the right thing despite the challenges he faced.

The video of the assault captures the judge falling against a wall, with Redden landing on top of her, resulting in injuries for both. However, Holthus, hailed as courageous, returned to work the following day. The court clerk and several officers had to forcefully remove Redden from the judge, sustaining injuries in the process.

Redden's subsequent statements have revealed his anger towards the judge and his intent to harm her. As a result, he is now facing a range of new felony and misdemeanor charges. District Attorney Steve Wolfson emphasized Redden's violent past, making it clear that his actions are not isolated incidents.

The courtroom attack serves as a shocking reminder of the risks faced by those in the justice system. The heightened security measures implemented for Redden's appearance demonstrate the commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of judges, court officers, and all involved parties.

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